the gundam anniversary illustration project

[mod post] title?
Just Peachy
Although we haven't sorted all the other issues yet, let's try to come up with a title, and hopefully things could start picking up from there?

Also, if there are people whom you think will be interested, feel free to send them to the community! I think we could still use some more people..but if there really aren't any more, then we'll just go ahead and think of ways to divide things.

PS: Watch Unicorn! ;)

[mod post] to all participants
gundamanniv people!
You are all required to fill out this poll.Collapse )

[mod post] welcome to gundamanniv!
Hello everyone! Thank you so much for joining.

I decided to go ahead and bring up some things that we need to discuss before we actually get to work.

When's the most feasible time for us to get this out? You might need to bring up your own schedules for this one.

Do we go for digital artbook (like an online zine in .pdf format or a flash/java-based artbook)? Or do we post the results in this comm instead? How about leeching off somebody's hosting and coming up with a special site for this?

series count
Our main goal is making sure that every series in the Gundam universe gets a commemorative illustration. The current list goes: Read more...Collapse )

Since we're lacking in participants (we might resume recruitment later though), we have to trim down this list. One way to do it is to do away with the really obscure ones, or maybe combine titles (like counting Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz as one).

how to pick a series to draw for
This is very important. A lot of us might be hoping to draw for the same series, but obviously, not everyone will get to draw for the series they want. So how do we go about this? Pick randomly, volunteer, hold a poll, ask someone to intervene and pair the artist up with the series she's most suitable for?

illustration specs
File size, dimensions, formats. Also, how rough or finished the submissions should be. Do we need some sort of quality check? Choice of subject too: since this is a Gundam artbook, should there be at least one Gundam in it? And also, I noticed that we're all females: should we make this a for girls only artbook? (Haha.)

A real title for the resulting "artbook". And maybe banners for promotion and whatnot.

If I forgot anything, feel free to bring it up in comments.


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