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[mod post] welcome to gundamanniv!
milchstrasse wrote in gundamanniv
Hello everyone! Thank you so much for joining.

I decided to go ahead and bring up some things that we need to discuss before we actually get to work.

When's the most feasible time for us to get this out? You might need to bring up your own schedules for this one.

Do we go for digital artbook (like an online zine in .pdf format or a flash/java-based artbook)? Or do we post the results in this comm instead? How about leeching off somebody's hosting and coming up with a special site for this?

series count
Our main goal is making sure that every series in the Gundam universe gets a commemorative illustration. The current list goes:

* UC = universal century

* Gundam
* Zeta Gundam
* Gundam ZZ
* Gundam: Char's Counterattack
* Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
Super Deformed Gundam
* Gundam F91
* Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
* Victory Gundam
G Gundam
Gundam Wing
* Gundam 08th MS Team
Gundam X
Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
Turn A Gundam
Gundam SEED
Super Defender Gundam Force
* Gundam MS IGLOO
Gundam SEED Destiny
Gundam SEED C.E. 73: Stargazer
Gundam 00
* Gundam Unicorn

Since we're lacking in participants (we might resume recruitment later though), we have to trim down this list. One way to do it is to do away with the really obscure ones, or maybe combine titles (like counting Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz as one).

how to pick a series to draw for
This is very important. A lot of us might be hoping to draw for the same series, but obviously, not everyone will get to draw for the series they want. So how do we go about this? Pick randomly, volunteer, hold a poll, ask someone to intervene and pair the artist up with the series she's most suitable for?

illustration specs
File size, dimensions, formats. Also, how rough or finished the submissions should be. Do we need some sort of quality check? Choice of subject too: since this is a Gundam artbook, should there be at least one Gundam in it? And also, I noticed that we're all females: should we make this a for girls only artbook? (Haha.)

A real title for the resulting "artbook". And maybe banners for promotion and whatnot.

If I forgot anything, feel free to bring it up in comments.

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yay~ a community! I was also going to pimp your guys' recruitment posts, but then I thought maybe you guys wanted to keep it to a more limited circle of people.

I think the deadline would depend on the number of participants, but I'm just throwing anything out there, but maybe by the end of 2010? (lol) I think maybe earlier than that if it ends up being 1-2 illustrations per person.

Since it'll be a digital project, I think posting in this community and linking to it would be good. I don't know anything about .pdfs, or print actually, so I'm not the best person to ask for this...

as for how to choose who is doing what, I figure it wouldn't be too much of a problem... assuming there is more than 1 illustration allowed for one series lol XD I expect there's a disproportionate demand for the recent series so the focus on that might be unavoidable. But say for example, if 5 people all want to do SEED, as long as they're all different characters/ideas/mechs I think it would be okay... but then they should also be obligated to draw for another series. And of course, no 1 person would be allowed to draw twice for the same series too~

as far as I've seen for anthology artbooks, it's a bunch of different artists drawing 1 illustration (maybe 2) of one or more character of their choice as a tribute to a series/game. The difference here is we're trying to cover every Gundam series, and so for that people will likely draw more than 1.

So maybe the best method for now is to just have everyone specify what they really want to draw for and their idea (1st choice), and what they're willing to draw for (2nd choice) and see what we can cross off the list... after collecting everyone's choices, then see where we're at? If there ends up being way too many people, then I guess there's always random drawings, but I *don't think* it will have to come to that...

So I'll start~ I haven't actually thought about this very much yet... but at the moment, my first choice:
Gundam SEED: Strike Rouge and Justice @ Genesis! or Strike Rouge and Freedom a la Destiny, but if Destiny is separate, I think might be better represented with Destiny gundams...

2nd choices: (I'm just looking down the list now)
-Gundam Unicorn because the Gundam looks sooo cooool though I haven't seen it yet
-Gundam 00: Soma and Allelujah the split personality crazy kids lol
-Also, I saw MS IGLOO but I can't remember a thing. It wasn't very impressionable...

I'm flexible, there isn't anything I absolutely MUST draw, although it would kind of suck if I got stuck only drawing something I wasn't really that interested in, since that's my incentive for joining >.< My ideas will probably morph/adjust accordingly to whatever other people want to draw anyway.

I'm actually intrigued by the girls only thing LOL. I mean, while I do know a decent crowd of girls (you guys) who like Gundam, most of the guys I know like Gundam only for the robots. (And/or are gay for Char.) But overall there really aren't too many girls who like Gundam (pre-Wing/ era right?) so if it was a girls project with a fairly equal focus on both characters and robots, it would be very interesting! But of course, I'm just saying this because I can't think of any guys on my flist I know who'd actually want in on this project lol. But if there are, I wouldn't want to exclude more participants~

Since it's for web, size probably 72-100 dpi... and if we're making it like for psuedo print, then... B4 dimensions, either portrait or landscape up to the artist? As for quality, hmmm this is hard... a rough sketch might be too low quality, but it's another story if it's done tastefully? I like unfinished looking things :) (that were intentionally made to look that way)

Well, ultimately you 2 are running this gig, so in my mind you're already the authority on the quality check lol, so I leave it to you!

Thanks you guys~ I just wanted to be a part of another collaborative project and get to work with some of you guys again ^_^/

Phi~ Very happy to have you on board.

> Since it'll be a digital project, I think posting in this community and linking to it would be good.

I think this'll make promotions easier too, especially since we're mostly LJ-based. Also, we can have each illustration have its own post, and that way the artist can also receive feedback.

> But say for example, if 5 people all want to do SEED, as long as they're all different characters/ideas/mechs I think it would be okay...

Mmmm I think that would be the ideal scenario for a single series only artbook. One thing we'll have to avoid here is overrepresentation, especially for the series that will inevitably have more artists wanting to draw for it (in this case Wing and Seed).

But if we're all dealt multiple assignments, and the results would be arranged in such a way that each series would have a minimum of two illustrations each, that wouldn't be bad. In fact, it'd be rather visually arresting. However, to come up with such a number of illustrations, we'd all have to draw more than two. We really need more artists in here...

Let's go with your suggestion of listing series preferences per participant. I have a list from my LJ; I'll update the comm with it in a bit.

> I'm actually intrigued by the girls only thing LOL

If we don't get any guys in here, we just might have to consider that! And it'd rock if we all had to do mecha. In fact I think we should make it a requirement. And the "I suck at it" excuse won't be accepted, because I suck at it, but I'm willing to give it a shot!

It's still a little messy, but I'm sure we can all work this out. Thanks for the suggestions, Phi!

P.S. Instead of a list, I put up a poll instead. Sorry Phi, I know you already made a list, but you'll have to fill out the poll all over again. OTL

Late reply is late!

I'm with Phi on this one. Though having a special compilation site later would be great too!

If we do not have enough people, we can stick with the main series. I would put Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz, SEED and Destiny, 00 and 00 2nd Season together. Something like combining the first season and 2nd season/continuation together because the same characters are around even if they have their Gundams upgraded.

Series to draw for
Gundam 00/2nd Season - Tieria/The Meisters
Gundam Wing - Heero&Self-destruct button/Duo

Re: Gundams, it would be cool if it was a requirement XD;;; Everyone try their best! I'd love to try Wing Gundam 0 Custom.

The max amount of art per artist depends on how many artists we have I think.

Also willing to draw the UC characters but I need to draw at least one series I'm interested in.

I like working on at least 200-300 dpi in case we want to print...then resize it for web. B4 size sounds about right to keep it standard.

I haven't thought of any other ideas yet. Will chip more in if I think of others.


> Though having a special compilation site later would be great too!

I also like the idea of a compilation site. We had fan projects before but never really archived them properly, which is a shame.

> I like working on at least 200-300 dpi in case we want to print...then resize it for web. B4 size sounds about right to keep it standard.

Print, I think, is a little tricky, so I personally don't really want to consider it as an option, but I agree, it'd be prudent to do something in high resolution and then just resize it for web.

Hullo, hullo~ Here are my $0.25.

Regarding deadlines, what if we picked a date related to the first series?

Something later in the year would work better for me though. I'm already rather swamped with real life right now ^^;

If we decide to go the compilation site route, I have some seriously underused webhosting.

Looking at the poll results and what people have seen vs. what people are interested in drawing, I wonder...

I don't think it's necessarily bad not having *all* series covered. Some series really weren't that girl-friendly (err, G Gundam?), so it's not surprising that they're underrepresented. And some were just plain awful, e.g., F91.

Based on the above, how about something like this instead?

Each artist:
1 work for a UC series, by choice
1 work for a non-UC series, by choice
1 mech work, by random draw
1 work with Haro, again by random draw. There's about 7 generations of Haro, I think.

(Sorry, had to throw in the Haro one ^^;)

Mecha illustrations don't have to be straighforward either. For example, we could do something like Mika Akitaka's "Gundam Girls" series, if we want to be silly.

Anyhow, just some ideas.

Last but not least, the female-artists only idea is intriguing. Might make for a very unique compilation.

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G Gundam. It seems to be the series that has the least interest among us, according to the poll in the other post.

Thanks for the suggestions! Perhaps we should create a guideline to the illustrations..but then that might stifle creativity? I like the Haro suggestion though xD

I actually think mecha-ko would be tougher to draw than the actual mecha!

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